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Misconceptions about Islam arise in the minds of a majority of non-Muslims, because they are constantly being bombarded with misinformation about Islam. International media is controlled by the western world, whether it is international satellite channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines or books. Even so-called 'local' newspapers in Muslim countries buy news from the same sources that feed these news channels. As to why Islam and Muslims are being misrepresented, and by whom, is a subject on its own. What is clear is that non- Muslims who live among Muslims even in Muslim countries, would find it hard to match facts on the ground with what they read or hear from 'official' news channels.

Recently the internet has become a powerful medium of information. Though it is not directly controlled by anybody, one finds a large amount of virulent propaganda about Islam on the internet. Of course, Muslims too are utilizing this tool to give the right image of Islam and Muslims, but they are far behind as compared to the propaganda against Islam.

The most common questions, about Islam varies in different periods and eras. This set of twenty most common questions is based on present times. Decades earlier, the set of questions was different and decades later too, they may change again depending on how Islam is projected by the media.

The following twenty most common questions about Islam are widespread. There may be additional common questions depending upon locality and culture. Answers given tend to be rather long in most cases. This is deemed necessary in view of, firstly, lack of basic knowledge of true Islam that gives rise to the questions in the firstplace, and secondly the extent of misconception as a result of very many years of exposure to negative publicities.


The 20 Questions:


1. Polygamy

2. Polyandry

3. Hijab For Women

4. Equality of Witnesses

5. Inheritance


6. Eating Non-Vegetarian Food

7. Why does the Islamic Method of Slaughtering Animals Appear Ruthless?

8. Pork Forbidden

9. Prohibition of Alcohol


10. Why are non-Muslims Not Allowed in Makkah ?

11. Non-Muslims Referred To As Kafirs

12. All Religions Teach Men To Be Righteous. Then Why Follow Only Islam?


13. Was Islam Spread by The Sword?

14. Are Muslims Fundamentalists or Terrorists?

15. Non-Vegetarian Food Makes Muslims Violent?


16. Vast Difference Between Islam and The Actual Practice of Muslims

17. Why Are Muslims Divided Into Sects/Different Schools ofThought?

18. Hereafter - Life After Death

19. Do Muslims Worship The Kaaba?

20. Is the Qur an Satan s Handiwork?

Important Hints

I will give you some hints to understand the subject of this site better:

* Hijab: The women's veil or head scarf.

*Hadith: Saying of prophet Muhammad (plu. Ahadith)

* Da'wah: call to Islam.

* Makkah: the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia

*Madinah: the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia

The Qur'an (Koran), our holy book, is divided into chapters, each chapter (in Arabic "Surah") has a name: "Women, Light, Mary, Pen, Disbelievers, ...etc"

* [An-Nisa 4:3]: [Women chapter 4: verse 3]

* [An-Nour 24:31]: [Light chapter 24: verse 31]

About The Author

These 20 questions and their answers are taken from the booklet: "20 Most Common Questions about Islam" by Dr. Zakir Naik.

* Born in October 1965

* Medical Doctor by education and professional training.

* Sacrificed medical practice for full-time Da'wah activities.

* Founder and President of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Mumbai, India.

* Scholar of Islam and Comparative Religion.

* Explains the teachings of Islam and clears misconceptions convincingly based on Reason, Logic and Science.

* Tremendous ability to quote extensively and verbatim from the Holy Qur'an and other religious scriptures.

* Renown for his critical analysis and spontaneous and convincing answer to challenging questions posed by audiences.

* Delivered lectures in USA, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, India and many other countries of the world.

* Debated with prominent personalities.

* Appeared on various international television programmes and satellite channels.

* More than a hundred of his lectures, debates and symposia available on video.

* Authored books on Islam and Comparative Religion.

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